Shuffle up and ?


When new Top Level Domains (TLD) are introduced next year, you will surely see web addresses like ‘’, ‘www.texasholdem.POKER’ or ‘www.worldseriesof.POKER’ popping up on the internet.

New Poker Top Level Domain to be Launched

A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the set of letters that come after the dot in a web address. For example, in ‘’ , ‘.COM‘ is the TLD

Up until now, there has been very few TLD options you could choose from when buying a domain name. There is the omnipresent ‘.COM’,. Also there is ‘.NET’ , ‘.INFO’ and few others. Additionally you can find country TLD’s like ‘.DE’ , for Germany.

Things are about to change , in a BIG way

ICANN , (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) , the official governing body of the world wide web, is moving forward with plans to introduce new TTLD’s to the internet on a wide scale. ICANN expects to introduce hundreds of new TLD’s over the next couple of years. The internet will never be the same. Soon, you will see all types of TLD’s going live online. There will be www.diapers.BABY, www.jeans.SHOP. It is a sure bet you will see www.TexasHoldem.POKER .

Why would anyone want to own a .POKER domain name?

Good Investment – Poker Domain names have resold for a lot of money. ‘’ for $1,000,000!
Poker Marketing – .POKER names will be good for SEO and Branding !
Personal, or Community Poker Site – how about ‘yourname.POKER’

When will they become available?
Probably sometime in 2012 – ICANN projected timeline